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    Cardiac problems, heart patients are on surge. No solution seems available around us. Every body says stop all type of fats and avoid cholesterol. But what are the impacts of this Zero Cholesterol Diet, did you ever think? Is there something like Zero Cholesterol Diet? Here Vaidya Pardeep Sharma is answering all the questions and queries related to this fat free diet and cardiac health. You can understand after going through the article. How Ayurveda treatment to reduce cholesterol is planed. It is not about taking “garlic” empty stomach or something, similar…

    Fats represent- richness. But it is poor to see people dying due to fats. This became my favorite subject since my studies. I took this as a challenge that how can I find the real truth.

    Milk and Ghee are the best- anti aging things. This thought comes from a well documented medical treasure- Charak Samhita! But when I see people dying because of these two. It raises my eyebrows. Is Ayurveda or better to say- Indian Traditions are just a vague? Or there is some science behind this thought? As a physician it becomes my duty to share with you the truth behind the zero-cholesterol diet.

    How many hearts we saved

    First we need to understand the truth about the low-fat, low cholesterol and their relation with cardiac health. We have some big marketing companies; selling oil with a image or look alike of heart on its bottle. Cardiac diseases and its sale are going hand in hand. CAGR- compound annual growth rate is- 10% for this oil. Its growth of 10% is showing growth of 20% in India alone.

    Figures speak louder. Use of the refined oils, which are specially recommended for healthy heart- has nothing to do with health of your heart. See there were 27,040,912 cases in 2005, suffering from cardiac diseases. In 2015 the figure went to- 61,522,343.

    Believe me, Ghee is not in fashion. This was the period (between 2005 and 2015) when this “awareness-crusade” was strong among us.

    But my question is same- How many hearts did we save?

    Figures are opposite to what we were told in these years and now we are in an era of cardiac disorders. Can you believe 25% patients among the above figure is only 25 to 29 years old!!

    What is the truth about Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is required for life. Here is the list what good the bad cholesterol can do for you-

    1. All cells – cell membrane is made up of cholesterol.
    2. Your joints needs a lot of oil, that comes from cholesterol.
    3. This is the cholesterol only which makes- Steroidal hormones- sex hormones, growth hormones and many more.
    4. Nerves are insulated by the fat only.

    I can write a big list, but these four are mostly found around us.

    Aging is fast, they suggest keep on eating this multivitamin or that multivitamin. But never take the food which can make you healthy.

    See around you- how many out of 100 people are having Vitamin D sachet. Ask them a common question- what we were taught in 5th to 8th standard of school. Tell me the fat soluble vitamins. Answer is A, D, E, K! So this is nonsense to buy Vitamin E for aging process and Vitamin D for bones. When you don’t have ample fats inside the body. How your sachet will help you? Nobody has answers for this. This is just a gimmick for marketing.

    So don’t fall prey to Marketing ideas.

    You need to understand everything about cholesterol to understand Ayurveda treatment to reduce cholesterol.

    From Where Cholesterol Comes

    Diet is not the only source for cholesterol. This is an assumption. Not truth. Every cell is equipped for making its own part of cholesterol. Because none of the cells wants to die- early. Just because you are not providing the right kind of food.

    Every mitochondria in the cells can make its own cholesterol. So if you are happy enough that you are on a zero cholesterol diet. You are fooling yourself. Cells are intelligent enough. You cannot fool those. Once there is scarcity of cholesterol. Cells activate the system for making the cholesterol by themselves. Once this is done. Whatever you eat- even 1% of cholesterol in your diet (because there is nothing like absolute -zero cholesterol diet). It starts floating in the blood.

    So your mission is not complete.

    Ayurveda treatment to reduce cholesterol

    If you want to get rid of the cholesterol factors after Bypass Surgery or after stents in your heart. You need to maintain the balance in diet and working of the body. This can be done by changing and restoring your system, your metabolism and your body. So in spite of going for a zero cholesterol diet, you need to work on the basic needs of the body. Besides this you need to know the system of the body.

    At Sukhayu Ayurveda Cardiac Center, we work on your metabolic system. So that your body will have adequate amount of cholesterol with it.

    Alone heart is not enough for life, it is important we understand.



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