• Spinal Problems

    Spinal Problems

    Sukhayu Ayurved is providing the best in category treatments in case of Spinal problems. We are doing spinal treatments since last 12 years and we have a very good track record in treating the patients with all kind of spinal problems.

    We never press, stretch (manually) or do any unscientific treatments in case of spinal problems. We do have a very much scientific approach in curing all the spinal ailments. If we name these the most successful areas of the treatment these are-

    1. Disc Bulge or disc herniation known as PIVD scientifically

    2. Kyphosis and Scoliosis- the unnatural bend in the spine.

    3. Ankylosing Spondylitis- Bamboo spine

    4. Cervical or Lumbar spondylsis

    These are the some diseases where we have very good hold on the treatment. We have some 95% results in these cases where we have done the best of the treatments in years.

    There were many patients who arrived to us on wheel chair, using the walker or even in hands of their relatives and we performed well with those patients and most of them are leading a very normal life nowadays.

    At Sukhayu Ayurved we do a three dimensional treatment in spinal problems where we use – Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma and Yoga all together to restore the natural position and condition of the spine. We believe in more a “wholistic” treatment rather than just giving relief in the neural pain. The main approach of the treatment is not to get relief in pain only, Sukhayu works  on the root cause of the problem not just signs and symptoms.

    In last 12 years we have heard it many times from the patients that whether they will be able to live a normal life after the treatment of spinal problems. Yes is the answer for all of them. There are patients of Sukhayu Ayurveda who are doing well with their lives as normal as anything.

    We can ensure you that these problems can be solved for sure with all Ayurvedic treatments and there won’t be any uses of any kind of Painkillers in the treatment. Our treatment is safer than the surgery in every aspect and besides that it is treatment not just a temporary fix to the problems.

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