Rheumatoid Arthritis is a condition which is prevailing in all communities around the world. Generally, it is thought that pain killers and anti-inflammatory is the only solution and patient will have to compromise with the side effects of all such medicines for rest of the life. Story doesn’t end here. After a period of the time, patient has to shift on stronger medicines like Immunity supressent medicines like- Prednisolone and Methotrexate or high doses of HCQs which all are more harmful than the disease itself.

If we look at the system of conventional medicines that is allopathy, they dont have an understanding about the disease till now. They have an opinion that this is an autoimmune disease which has no treatment at all and patient will need to wait for the disability in near future or in some years.

This is ignorance of the science or something else, hard to say. In Ayurveda we have seen reversal of the reports, where – ESR, CRP and RA Factor (quantitative) all reduced in these patients and patients were free from morning stiffness, swelling in the joints and even pain.

When allopathy doesn’t have any treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, how can Ayurveda relieve a patient?

It is possible!!

Because Ayurved has a different approach towards the disease. Ayurveda understand the cause of the problem and its treatment also. This is not a matter of something that if some system of medicine cannot work properly than Ayurved will also be a failure.

If we look at the text we find a very confirm list of causative factors and also the signs and symptoms in detail. This is a condition  which is known as Aamvata. In Aamvata, they have very much clearly defined the reason of the disease in detail.

विरुद्धाहारचेष्टस्य  मन्दाग्नेनिर्चलस्य च ! स्निग्धं भुक्तवतो ह्यन्नं व्यायामं चापि कुर्वत: !!
वायुना प्रेरितों ह्याम: श्लेषमस्थानम् प्रधावति !! तेनाथ्यर्थम् विदग्धो असो धमनी: प्रतिपद्यते!!

This means that these are wrong lifestyle, wrong diet and low digestive power which causes the production of the “aama” (the toxins) and once these toxins enter the small arteries these create the disease.

While describing the signs and symptoms it is clearly mentioned that there will be body ache, stiffness in the whole body, anorexia (not feeling hungry), weakness and heaviness in the body, fever along with pain and swelling in small and larger joints. See what says the Ayurvedic text about this-

अंगमर्दो अरुचि: तृष्णा ह्यालास्यम गौरवम ज्वर: ! अपाकः शूनता अङ्गानाम आमवातस्य लक्षणं !!

स कष्ट: सर्वरोगानाम यदा प्रकुपितो भवेत् ! हस्तपाद शिरोगुल्फ़त्रिक्जानूरुसन्धिषु !!
करोति सरुजम शोफ़म यत्र दोषः प्रपद्यते ! स देशो रुजते अतिअर्थम व्याविद्ध इव वृश्चिकै:!!

Ayurvedic text has given the detailed description of the intensity and nature of the pain, when they say व्याविद्ध इव वृश्चिकै: it means – Pain is similar to the bite of a Scorpio.

So one thing is clear that they were much aware about the diseases where modern day conventional system of medicines is not aware about this condition. This is the reason that Ayurveda is more much aware about the causative factor of the Aamvata alias Rheumatoid Arthritis so were they aware about the treatments.

We follow the lines of treatment as it is from Ayurvedic Authentic Texts that is the reason we have some better results in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

लंघनम स्वेदनम तिक्तदीपनानि कटूनि च ! विरेचनम स्नेहपानाम बस्त्यास्च आममारुते!!

This is the order for the treatment, where we have medicines, we have panchakarma and lifestyle all together. In certain conditions where patient has developed some complications then we need to go for the complete treatment, but if disease is just new we can do all the treatments without Panchakarma too. So this is the condition of the patient which decides what to do with a patient.

We have some marvelous results in all the patients and have seen that Rheumatoid factor became negative after the treatment of the patient.

For the treatment you might need to be admitted in our hospital for a period of the time, so better you discuss with our physicians in detail.

This is for sure Rheumatoid Arthritis can be treated for sure.