• Poly Cystic Ovaries

    This is the most common problem among the females nowadays, almost 60% women are suffering with this condition and day by day number is increasing by leaps and bounds. This is not a single problem, this is a complex of different signs and symptoms thus it is called a syndrome. A lot of different conditions are associated with this condition in female. This not only impacts the fertility but also disturbs the normal menstrual cycles in a female which leads to many other problems. So Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD gives better option for the patients who are suffering with this condition.

    What causes PCOD?

    Stress is a basic problem in the patients of PCOD. Stress has its centers in the hypothalmus (a part of the brain), this part works in association with the Pituitary Gland. Pituitary, the master gland, which controls all other glands. Ovaries are also glands, which secrete female hormones, responsible for the normal menstrual activities. Once there are some disturbances in the Pituitary, these will lead to problems with luteinizing hormone which leads to the problems.

    The second condition is where levels of the Insulin are really very high. Insulin is an anabolic hormone which is responsible for storage of the fats in the body and certainly the insulin resistance of the body too. Increased abdominal fats keeps on storing the heat of the body and this “high-insulation” causes the hormonal imbalance in the ovarian glands.

    If we look at a vice versa relation, stress and obesity are sisters and brothers! You welcome one, the other will be supplementary.

    What is PCOD?

    There is always a “rat-race” among follicles, which starts growing from the day one of the menstrual cycle. This race is decided by the size of the follicles. The follicle, which grows completely, grows prior to others. The same follicle wins the race. The same follicle ruptures and travels to the uterine cavity. This all happens in a pattern this is the reason why menstrual cycle happens in a pattern, in a system.


    When there are two or more follicles are growing on same speed, with same pace. No body wins. Race continues. No eggs travel to the uterine cavity. So there wont be any circle. So there will be irregular pattern- rather “pattern” is the word.

    Ayurveda about PCOD

    There are many different opinions by different physicians about PCOD and involvement of the Doshas. Some says that this is all about the Vata Dosha, because- this Apan Vata, which is responsible for the regulation of the Aartava, the menstrual flow. Some says this is the Kapha, because obesity and other metabolic conditions indicated towards the Kapha Dosha!!

    We, at Sukhayu strongly believe in one thing- Don’t work with pre-occupied thoughts, in treatment.

    Once a patient arrives to us we do check the patient completely, go through all aspects of the condition, then we take an initiative for the treatment. It is very much easy to comment on the condition or on a disease. But when it comes to make a conclusion that is the most crucial thing in the treatment of a condition.

    Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD

    With a complete approach, our gynecologist Vaidya Neetu Sharma- do a complete checkup of the patient. We do work on the Pulse more. Find out which dosha is prominent and which is not working properly. Once we have the data about the condition of the patient. We plan the treatment.

    At Sukhayu Ayurveda treatment of PCOD is planned according to the Doshas. We use medicines, Panchakarma along with modification in diet and lifestyle to plan the treatment.

    For treatment patient needs to book the appointment prior and accordingly we will give time to patient for pulse diagnosis. It takes minimum 40 minutes and maximum 90 minutes in the process of consultation and study of the Doshas. But one thing is sure that Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD is safer and permanent in comparison to the hormonal therapies.


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