This is a common problem in all age groups of women. This seems a small problem. But when we look at the kind of irritation and nuisance this creates. Things clear pretty well. Secondly Leucorrhoea is associated with many other diseases too. This might be a simple case of anemia or some fungal infection- where leucorrhoea appears as a symptom. And this can be something like cervical erosions too. For proper treatment of leucorrhoea. One should work well with pathology. Otherwise this condition becomes chronic. Chronicity complexes every disease.

 Ayurveda About Leucorrhoea

In early literature of Ayurveda most of the diseases are compiled under one chapter- Yonivyapt. But later on detailed description of Leucorrhoea and other diseases is available. Leucorrhoea is known as Shwet Pradar. Pradar is a condition which covers – diseases related to abnormal secretions per-vagina.