If we need to name this age of medical science with a word- certainly this is the age of Joint pains. Those were the days when joint pains were thought to be associated with the old age only. But nowadays these pains are presenting in all age groups. There is no age of Joint pains . In an age of 25 even you can find a patient with osteoarthritis.

Age was a limit for such conditions but now things are changing fast.

What is Causing Joint Problems

We are eating more nutritious foods, we are in better comforts still our joints are giving up? There is something wrong with us. Or you can say with our system. Certainly we need to look back at the things and need to check everything. So that we can manage the things in a better way.

When a person comes with Gout that is increased uric acid in the body western system of medicines. Prescription is medicines to lower down uric acid. But is this the solution of problem. Problem is not increased uric acid alone. Uric acid is a by product of protein metabolism. It will be produced. Better to say it should be produced. The core problem is- why this uric acid is being produced in excess. Until unless we dont rectify this faulty system which is producing excess Uric acid, problem will remain same. Western medicines talk about reducing the uric acid. On contrary to this Ayurveda vouches for rectification of the system. This is the difference. We at Sukhayu follow the same tradition of Ayurveda to rectify the metabolism of proteins so that we can remove the extra uric acid from the body.

So culprit is the system which is producing the extra uric acid not the uric acid. We need to address the culprit for sure, not just the uric acid, alone.

The same is applicable to the osteoarthritis. It is now in a fashion to give Vitamin D, Calcium, Glucosamine along with some pain killers and they just tell that Cartilage is damaged in your body. These things they continue for 6 months and one day they tell us that no, now you need to go for the knee joint replacement?

Is it the solution!!

Solving the Solution?

The first and foremost solution for the problem is to “save” the knees and cartilages from the damage and basic way to that is “education” what we need to share with a patient as a physician. Second thing is to promote certain types of the diet for a patient according to his/her Prakruti so that he/she can get a proper amount of the calcium and vitamin D. We are not nourishing human bodies by using all these medicines we are only nourishing the pharmaceutical companies.

Ayurveda says that these are age related problems and we need to work on a pattern to reduce the momentum of the age. If age appears aggressively, it will bring its all complications along with and will shatter the quality of the life for sure. So the main concern should be to slow down the process of aging with certain remedies along with certain diet and lifestyle modulations.

In last many years we have seen a lot of patients who came to us and asked for weight loss, even they were suffering with osteoarthritis. Because every second person asked them to reduce weight only. But as per Ayurveda osteoarthritis is a condition of Vata Dosha and if we kept on loosing weight in a patient we will be aggravating the Vata dosha which will again increase the problem, that is why we cannot do it scientifically (as per Ayurved) but beyond this the question is of a different approach-

If a person cannot walk or stand even, how can you ask him/her to loose weight?
Are we promoting some of the surgical techniques to reduce weight in “hide” of the osteoarthritis?

Things are not easy with joint pains, we do agree on this but when it comes to Ayurved, it is the only science which deals with the health-happiness and life not only about diseases. Sukhayu, as name tells – Life full of happiness!! We are committed to give the best of the health facilities to promote the complete of health of a person.

As per a research – More than 60% of the knee replacement are done without a requirement.

Do we need to say something else?

We do believe in “Restoring” the joints in spite of “Replacing” the joints!!