Gynecological conditions in most of the women remain untreated. Because there is always a hitch in sharing the physical problems with some male physicians. When it comes to Ayurveda. There are only few government sector institutions. Those provide Ayurvedic treatment through female physicians. Sukhayu Ayurveda is the first institution to provide Gynecology treatments in Jaipur. Vaidya Neetu is the key person for this. She is the only private sector Ayurvedic Gynecologist in Jaipur.

What makes Ayurveda different in Gynecology?

In terms of Anatomy  and Physiology; females are always unique. Thus they need unique treatment. This requirement is generally not fulfilled because of- lack of knowledge and unawareness. Where western medicines just believe in replacing the hormones or removal of organs. Ayurveda can promisingly restore and balance the hormones, without leaving any bad impacts on the body. Approach of Ayurveda is not to relieve the discomfort or disease alone. Ayurveda vouches for restoration of normal physiology. The same approach is followed at Sukhayu Ayurved for gynecological treatments.

Ayurvedic Gynecologist with us -Vaidya Neetu Sharma works on the different gynecological conditions. One thing is very ethical with us. We dont treat the conditions which are not treatable. Once we access the case and do the examination of the patient, only then we take the case.

Gynecological problems mostly occur because of different diseases. Gynecological health shows- over all health of a woman. We can maintain gynecology health. We can ensure over all health of a female. We keep this in mind while doing Gynecological treatments. Thus each of our patient feels better, overall. We dont just suppress the signs and symptoms. Inducing the periods, with hormones, is easy. But rectification in the working of the body takes time. But  once the system is fully rectified, things will be better for rest of the life.

Gynecological Diseases we treat

We treat all gynecological conditions at Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur. Still we believe that without examining the patient it is too early to comment that patient is curable or not. So before commenting on the condition, we access the details of the patient. Medical history and all other details are well studied and after that a confirmatory conclusion is made.

Painful periods (Dysemenorrhoea) / Irregular Periods/ Scanty Periods / Heavy periods- these are few conditions which seems very common and females keep on overlooking these. Still these are symptoms which tell about- hormonal imbalance. So if, hormonal balance won’t be maintained; these symptoms cannot be managed. So this is not about some conditions. This is all about