In last 20 years, things changed fast in terms of cardiac health. Every 33 seconds one person dies due to heart attack or arrest. And this happens only in India. Figure is old and not exact. It was reported in 2016, May in some Indian news paper. Figures are increasing, everyday. So is the inputs for hospitals. Number of cardiac centers is increasing faster than the rate of deaths. But one thing is missing. That is complete health for heart. Cardiac health is missing. There is only one thing and that is- Cardiac Diseases. Ayurvedic Treatment for Cardiac Diseases is possible. Sukhayu is running Ayurveda cardiac center successfully.

Every second day, western world is coming up with this or that tool for cardiac surgeries. Governments are talking about making treatments cost effective. But no body is talking about Cardiac Health. Complete Cardiac Health is a mission of Sukhayu Ayurved since years and after proving its effectiveness we are coming to the main domain for giving proper solution for the Cardiac Diseases.

Ayurveda Cardiac Center

We need to understand the cardiac activities in terms of Ayurved. Or simply saying in terms of Doshas. Until unless we cannot do this, we wont be able to understand the concept of cardiac health. Generally it is thought that taking Arjuna Bark with milk is  what Ayurveda knows about cardiac health. Or more than that taking Garlic empty stomach is what Ayurved recommends for cardiac health?

Not really!!

Ayurved is beyond this Arjuna Bark and clove of Garlic.

Yes. In Ayurveda we could not find those tricks and tit-bits. Which are famous on YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. There are no quick remedies for opening up the arteries immediately. How can it be possible? And if possible there wont be a death every 33 seconds in India!!

Ayurveda has solutions but scientific. Not tricky. Ayurved recommends the complete analysis of the condition, not just the thought- What one feels.

In depth study of a person is the first tool to understand the disease. Once we can understand the condition. It makes it easy to streamline the treatment. Prakruti of a person is important to understand when it comes to maintaining the health of an individual. According to bio-constitution an ayurved physician can calculate the risk and prognosis of a disease. Even it is heart diseases.

Products for Cardiac Diseases

There are several products for maintaining your health. Which are available over the counter. But do these products really have some impact?

To be honest, yes there might be some results of these products. Products are not perfect. When compared to human intelligence and deeper analysis. Ayurved is not a product. Ayurved is more about an approach. This approach is based on principles. For example, if a person consumes a health product but doesn’t follow proper lifestyle. It is not going to help the person. We know this fact now. Product is applicable also with approach. And same product will help everybody, is not important.

Because Cardiac Diseases and Cardiac health is a segment, which is vulnerable. Thus every company has certain products for this segment. But it leads you nowhere.

All Arjuna trees had been peeled off by people. To maintain the cardiac health. But Health is missing. Only thing happened is- there is no bark on Arjuna Trees left.

Sukhayu Ayurved, doesnt believe in this kind of approach.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cardiac Diseases

We know your heart is precious. We don’t want to hurt your heart. This is why we are working on approach, according to Ayurved.

What we can do for your Cardiac Health/Diseases

Sukhayu works on multi fold approach.

  1. We have solutions for patients who have undergone- Stunts. Click here
  2. Patients who have done Bypass surgeries and still Cardiac function is not good. Click here
  3. Patients who are suffering with blockage of arteries. Click here
  4. Cardiac Arrhythmia. Click here 
  5. Heart Valve Diseases. Click here

These are the conditions in which Ayurved treatment is helpful and can give your better relief.

We are not against western system of treatment. We understand that cardiac centers had saved many lives and are useful of many conditions. Ayurveda along with conventional system can help you to survive better. And in many conditions, Ayurveda can reverse the conditions too. At our Ayurveda Cardiac Center, we can help your stents remain open even after surgeries and can ensure you to maintain your life.

If you are suffering with some serious problem or if there is some emergency please visit some nearby Cardiac hospital or center for better assistants. Sukhayu doesn’t deal in emergencies.