Body has its broadband likes network. Networking of the human body is done by the neurons. Neurons are cells, which carry information- sensation and orders to and fro between body and central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). When something goes wrong with these nerves, medical term for this is- Neuropathy. Approach of Ayurvedic Treatment of Neuropathy is according to the Vata disorder.

Types of NeuropathyAyurvedic Treatment of Neuropathy

Human body consists of three type of nerves-

  1. Sensory nerves- which carry the sensation
  2. Motor Nerves- responsible for movements
  3. Autonomic Nerves- as name suggests these are autonomous and control- gut, bladder etc.

Symptoms of Neuropathy varies according to the involved type of nerve. In case of sensory nerves- there will be tingling, pain, weakness in limbs (hand/foot etc.) or it might be just numbness. Motor nerves affect movements, because these carry information for movements. Change in heart rate and blood pressure, sudden sweating occur in autonomous nerve neuropathy.

Mononeuropathy means a single nerve affected and when several nerves are affected this is Polyneuropathy.

What Causes Neuropathy

According to western sciences almost 30% cases are idiopathic- of an unknown cause. Rest 70% come under side effect of medicine or lack of Vitamin B12. Injuries, regular pressure on nerves (due to slip disc etc.) can also cause neuropathy. Neuropathy may occur as a complication of diabetes, chronic kidney failure and cancers (when a tumor presses the nerve regularly).

According to Ayurveda there is a complete list of causes- dietary as well as lifestyle related, which cause neuropathies. There is no uncertainty about the cause thus there is a better approach about ayurvedic treatment of neuropathy.

How does Neuropathy Occur

Nerves are wires. Just like wires nerves have insulation. This insulation controls fluctuation of nerves. Fat insulates nerves. When this layer of fats is damaged, irritated it causes neuropathy. Neuropathy may occur because of neural synapses – the links between two nerves.

All these movements of senses occur in form of electrical impulses. Vata is a dosha which controls these movements, these impulses. Amazingly, aggravation or underperformance of vata depends on fats as per Ayurveda. Thus the ayurvedic ideology is stronger about treatment of neuropathies.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Neuropathy

Doshas are main factors for Ayurvedic Treatment of Neuropathy. The core treatment goes like- Vata Dosha treatment. Yet rest two doshas (Pitta and Kapha) are considered well while treating a patient.

When Vata associates with Kapha- numbness, slowness in movements, heaviness of limbs occur. Pitta causes burning sensation. Concept of Vata Avarana is the core concept for Ayurvedic treatment of neuropathy. Treatment principally revolves around Panchakarma Procedures like- Basti, Nasya, Sarwanga Dhara etc.

For cases of Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy, we follow different approach where we control fluctuations of blood sugar levels too.

For treatment a patient needs to stay at our hospital for 16-21 days. Our physicians prescribe Ayurvedic Medicines along with a proper diet. Yoga is also an essential part of the treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur. We don’t sell medicines for any condition. Because we believe in providing the treatment. Personal checkup and understanding of the case is important in any disease according to Ayurveda and we follow this. Go to contact us page and fill the details there so that we can reply you properly.