Before we talk about ayurveda treatment after stents. Few stats before we start-

Every year in India 2500000 patients undergo coronary angioplasty for coronary diseases. So it is easy to say- 25 lac people just put stents inside the coronary disease. 30 million people are suffering with heart diseases. This is not that fearing as next line is.

2 million dies due to heart disease.

Among these 2 million deaths- 25% people are between 25 to 29 years.

You can check these data anywhere on internet. These are not to fear you. These are basically to aware you. Fear can be cured through awareness.

Isn’t it dangerous. Really it is horrifying. It needs better solution. Solution lies with in you. We can keep our heart healthy ourselves. Doctors can repair. Ayurveda can maintain.

Why do they Stent your Arteries

Every doctor wants to save you. This is the primary reason why do they stent your arteries. Stent as you know, is of two types. Metallic and Degradable with medicines. Stent is a temporary solution. This makes it possible that you will live better.

But, it never ensures your complete health. Stent is not a guarantee that you wont face cardiac diseases anymore. Stent is a maneuver.

The first time when your coronary was implanted with a stent. Now it becomes more important for you to maintain the arteries better.

Sukhayu Ayurveda Cardiac Center is working for those people who has undergone the angioplasty and have stents inside.

Ayurveda Treatment after stents

Stents are not solution. So what is?

Secondly, one you have stents and your system is still bringing a lot of problems. These stents block. According to some research more than 36% stents which are metallic block with in an year. Medicine-Degradable stents blocks within one year in 33% patients. It means problem persists as it is.

Solution is to repair the faulty mechanism. Due to which you got the stent in your coronary. Once we can treat the cause. We can stop the diseases. Today we know that statins- medicines for lowering the blood lipids (fats) have been failed to maintain the lipids. So what is the solution left is- Ayurveda.

In Ayurved, we believe in rectifying the cause. Cause can be your digestion. This all might be happening due to your sedimentary lifestyle. Or food can be the other cause. The last one is- stress. Stress is a big problem. But sometimes we look over the facts and keep on asking to take the medicines.

At Sukhayu Cardiac Center. We diagnose your condition on basis of your Doshas. Once Diagnosis is done. Your lifestyle, diet will be changed.

There are certain medicines, which are aimed to rectify your Doshas and to bring these in balance. Once we change Doshas from imbalance to in-balance we can ensure your health.

What we do after stents?

We are not against stents. If you already have stents inside. You need to know. How to preserve these intact. This is possible if we rectify the faulty system because of which arteries blocked earlier. Once this faulty system will be open we can maintain the health of coronaries.

You need to visit our center once in two months. We give medicines. We do Panchakarma. Panchakarma is done in certain conditions, where we need to do some metabolic changes in a person.

WE DON’T DEAL IN EMERGENCIES, so please in case of emergency visit your nearest cardiac center or cardiologist.