Handshake is good but shaking hands are horrible. Holding a cup and to sip it becomes a challenge for the patient of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a new age disease. This is a chronic, progressive disorder that means it will keep on deteriorating (This is not true, in Ayurveda). There are no treatments for this with conventional system of medicines. Western sciences has accepted their defeat well in advance. As a result of this PD rules the medical system now a days. But there is another side of story too. Parkinson’s disease is a condition which we can treat well in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson’s disease is possible. Early you join some Ayurvedic hospital better results you get. Chronicity adds complexity in every disease.

We added the years in age but couldn’t add life in years. This is the basic problem with modern medical system. This system is more about disease and less about health and wellness. Parkinson’s disease is a condition related to age and process of aging. Emergency rooms controlled the mortality upto a limit. This controlled mortality lead to “disabilities”.

Parkinson’s Disease and Ayurveda

Ayurveda was first of all mentioned- Aging as a disease. Aging is a truth. Because human body is mortal so we need Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson's diseaseto accept its process of aging. No one can reverse process of aging. Yet this process can be delayed. Today we know that Parkinson’s disease is a . Ayurveda has many references about slowing down this process of aging and that too easily.Core principle for slowing down aging is- Rasyana therapy.

Many think rasayana is ultimate answer for aging. But without cleansing of body, rasayana are of no use. Using a perfume on a untidy dress, cannot help. Same, we need to work on the toxins and turbidity first. This can be done through Panchakarma treatments. For Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson’s disease ayurveda recommends to go for panchakarma. Panchakarma is not only about massage and shirodhara. In other words, panchakarma is not at all massage and shirodhara.

Apart from aging, the second factor is Vata Dosha. Vata is a dosha, responsible for movements, activity. This movement is about activity and also about movement of ideas, thoughts and memories. Just alike computer motherboard we have brain. All memories (activity oriented also) are stored in a particular part of brain. Depending upon the stimuli (command) and requirement (processing) motherboard and harddisk work together and result in an activity. Loose connections impact on this circuit. Once circuit does’nt completed well. It leads to different weird expressions. All this process is a movement and vata dosha governs this movement. Since this process is disturbed this leads to condition like Parkinson’s.

Therefore Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson’s disease is based on these two approaches- Aging and Vata Disorders.

Why does Parkinson’s occur?

When aging impacts brain cells. These cells in a special part of brain- Substantia Nigra, starts dying. These cells are responsible for secretion of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical agent responsible for the activities of the brain. Once there is a lack of dopamines, this will lead to malfunctioning of the brain as an organ.

This all process leads to different signs and symptoms-

  1. Motor symptoms: tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural instability.
  2. Non Motor Symptoms: neuropsychiatric problems (mood, cognition, behavior or thought alterations), and sensory and sleep difficulties, are also common.

These symptoms appear slowly in a progressive manner. Treatment becomes harder with the chronicity and full expression of all sign and symptoms.

Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Treatment means- slow down the progress of a disease in first stage. In second stage the maintenance and repair is done. At Sukhayu Ayurveda we follow two fold approach. Pacification of Vata. Slow down of aging. These are two paths. Most importantly we work on Prakruti too, so that treatment will not impact on your normal dosha conditions.

There are certain medicines- which work on aging as well as on Vata we, select those. Our physicians prescribe minimum medicines.

In Panchakarma- Nasya and Basti are treatments of choice. That selection is made after checking the patient only. How can it possible to plan the treatments without personally checking patient? We never understand this? This is the reason we dont have any package system for Ayurveda treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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