Once there is a congestion, connect the parts of before and after congestion with help of a route. This is Bypass. This connection over takes the congestion. It  is a common technique in bypassing any congestion. When the same trick is done with a blocked artery. We call it bypass surgery. There are many types of bypass surgeries. In different location of body. But most common is- cardiac bypass. Thus “bypass” became a synonym for coronary bypass surgeries. Trend is high. Every years more that 1,75,000 patients undergo this medical procedure. In most of the cases this came up as a life saving procedure. But. You can never predict the behavior of human body. There are cases, where bypass blocks again. Leaving no second chance behind. This is where Ayurveda treatment after bypass surgery can be helpful.

How can I keep my arteries healthy after bypass?

Even after bypass, a fear keeps on haunting. What if these arteries will block again? And the question arises- how can I keep my arteries healthy after bypass? This is a big question. Answer with medical science is simple. Stop all fats. Live on “zero” cholesterol diet. But even after all these efforts. Heart hurts many times.

To keep your arteries remain open, you need to understand. Why do arteries block? Once you are sure about this. This can answer your question.

Solving a problem, quickly and for temporary solution is a “quick-fix”. But to keep the things aligned good. Needs to address the cause.

Your constitution, your doshas, your behavior, your diet. These need to be addressed. Once these are optimized. You reduce risk of heart diseases.


Caring your Arteries after bypass

This is really important to care your arteries after bypass. Ayurveda has promised results for this condition. After bypass chances of blockage are really very high, if there is a tendency for the same. We can change the probability and tendency through natural resources.

Ayurveda Treatment after Bypass

As said above, the main concern is to remove or reverse the root cause. So for Ayurveda treatment after bypass at Sukhayu Ayurvedic Cardiac Center, our main concern is to find the root cause. We use the time old techniques of Ayurveda- pulse diagnosis. Along with modern day tools like ECG and everything. We work on Heart Rate Variation in the same and according to cumulative conclusion we proceed with three dimensional approach. In three dimensional approach the first are- Diet and Lifestyle. Second is Ayurveda medicines (like Rasayana). Third, if required is- Panchakarma.

You can reverse the disease or not, none is sure. But yes, cause can be reversed. Once the cause is reversed. Chances of re-blockage of any arteries starts diminishing by themselves. This is the basic approach we follow at Sukhayu Ayurvedic Cardiac Center.

Now question is- if Ayurved is so promising in helping the cardiac blockage. Is there any scope for opening the blockage or avoiding the stents? Yes, Ayurveda has a great scope for opening of cardiac blockages too.