• Ayurveda As It Is

    Ayurveda As It Is

    When I say

    Ayurveda As It Is!!

    Everybody questions me, what is it? What do I mean by as it is? Which form of Ayurveda is it? I have answered many times about this but this time I need to be very elaborative and specific about- what do I mean from this… Ayurveda As It Is?

    Ayurveda is an ancient science. Nobody knows the exact date. It is approximately 5000 years old and you can find a 100 years old book telling this is 5000 years old and same we write till the day. Being an old school of medicine, Ayurved was infiltrated by different thoughts time to time. There were many changes which were made. Cut-Copy-Paste was done to change the things and certainly they changed the essence of Ayurveda, the real soul of Ayurveda was distorted in these years. There were many authors, who decoded the ancient wisdom according to themselves, because they find that good.

    But Ayurved was left somewhere in the process of this evolution. There might be many people who will oppose my thoughts and ideas and label these developments and changes in Ayurveda as a process of Research and Development or to be more specific they can call it “Evolution” but for me these are merely just some requirements of the market, need of money and to be more “practical” in results.

    Here to “defend” my ideas I am putting forward two examples, can be silly enough for some people…..still I am trying and you all readers need to decide that whether I have some point or not……

    Bhanga alias Vijaya alias Cannabis was never used by the master of medicines (Charaka) as well as the master of Surgery (Sushruta) for the treatment in their books or practices. They always told that this is Vyvayi and Vikashi and will cause the decay of Ojus and will lead to multiple problems for a person. But later on many of the books (I need not to name) started using this herb regularly and today we have some prepared medicines of the same herb?

    If cannabis was not good for health 5000 years back how did it become good after that? Is it Ayurved?

    There are several combinations which are being manufactured by some of the pharmacies where there is nothing like Ayurveda in that.These are herbal combinations and companies are not sure what they are producing and for what these combinations are good.

    In last few decades we have peeled off all the bark from all Arjuna trees (Arjuna Terminalia) with a belief that it will protect our hearts and nobody will die due to heart diseases anymore. But is there any reference of using Arjuna as a cardio-protector? No, neither Charaka, nor Sushruta and Vagbhatta have shared any such information about this plant. This was another Author Chakarapani Dutta who used the decoction of Arjuna with milk for heart diseases? Does it make any sense to use that. Nobody wants to know that where Arjuna is being used according to Charaka and Sushruta! We have mixed modern chemical based herbology with Ayurveda and certainly it is not Ayurved!!

    If you are using Ayurved products regularly you might be known to one more thing- Vasa/Vasaka or Adhatoda Vasaka….this is being used as a potent broncho dilator? No, Ayurved texts like- Charaka and Sushruta never written so. Bhumyamalaki was better used in condition of Cough and Asthma by the text. Can you name a single product with Bhumyamalaki for respiratory distress or cough?

    In last few years every other Vaidya questioned my intention to use Black Gram (Urad Daal) in painful conditions like Lumbago, Sciatica, Cervical pains etc. Not only Vaidyas but also patients questioned my IQ and knowledge about Ayurveda and to satisfy them I had to show them the references from text books saying that Maash: Urad Daal is the best to pacify the Vata Dosha!!

    Apart from this Urad Daal chapter one other thing is haunting me regularly that is my love for “sour”- Amla Rasa? They question me how can you ask somebody to take “lemon” and other sour things in Vata vyadhi and my simple answer is always- Vata can  be pacified with Amla rasa…..they know, they dont accept?

    We all started Sukhayu Ayurved with a vision to help the patients to get rid of the pains, agony and discomfort but back of the mind we always thought that there should revival of Ayurveda, Ayurveda which is authentic and need to be followed. At many occasions we were questioned that what is magical remedy with Sukhayu people and always we replied that this is Ayurveda! But still everybody thinks that we too have some hidden secrets, yes we too have some hidden secrets and that is Ayurved as it is!!

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