• Ayurved and Herbal Treatment

    Most people, Ayurved and herbal treatment is one and same thing. Marketing companies has built an idea among masses that whatever is herbal is Ayurvedic. This was a good marketing strategy for all companies to ensure sale of the products because labeling with Ayurveda increases sales. This is a quick and easy way to market any of the product.

    But there cannot be a hard or soft line between Ayurvedic medicines/products and herbal products because of the ingredients. Ingredients in both the cases come from the nature. Ingredients are herbs (not always in case of Ayurved). So this hard to judge that what is Ayurvedic and what is herbal.

    Being a physician from Ayurveda. This becomes important to differentiate Ayurvedic and Herbal. Because it changes the course of treatment as well as results on a patient. Which out of these is practical? Everybody has his own claims! So I

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