Avascular necrosis of the femur head is a condition which is increasing in the society very aggressively and young patients are dragged to complete disability due to this problem. In most of the cases where a patient kept on overlooking the fact that he/she is suffering with some problems, this disease spreads badly and causes a complete disability in the patients. Sukhayu Ayurved provides ayurvedic treatment AVN femoral head.

In our society day by day use of Alcohol is increasing. Alcohol is one of the main cause of the AVN of femur head in younger generations. Other than alcohol, excessive use of the steroidal medicines is also a big cause of the problem. In rare cases this is the injury of the Hip Joint, which is very rare in occurrence.

What Causes AVN Femur Head

Due to alcohol, steroidal medicines and injury there is one common thing which happens- blockage of the arteries which are responsible for the blood supply and nutrition to the head of femur. With lack of the supply of the nutrition. Head of femur which should be very smooth, erodes and becomes rough. This makes walking and opening of legs harder.

Besides this, due to the same problem angel of the neck of femur with the shaft of the femur changes and this change limits the “widening of the legs”. Which is an important factor in walking and in some of the activities of the body.

Now question raises, do we have some information about such condition in Ayurveda? Answer is definitely- No!! Then how can this condition be cured through Ayurveda?

There is no straight description of the condition of AVN but if we look into the text deeply, there are certain references which lead us to the condition.

प्रायशः सुकुमारा मिथ्याहार विहारिनाम!!

These are some of causative factors of the a condition named Vata Rakta, by Acharya Charaka. Basically many of the scholars are of a belief that Vata Rakta is a disease similar to the gout, but this analogy is not scientific at all. These causative factors include alcohol, some wrong food combinations etc.

At Sukhayu Ayurveda, Vaidya Pardeep is of an opinion that they (Charaka) were discussing something related to Autoimmune system or some of the diseases where supply of the blood is restricted to some place and it starts decaying the body. As Charaka Says-

वायुर्विवृद्धो वृद्हें रक्तेनावरित: पथि !!
कृत्सन संदुस्येद्रकतम तत ज्ञेयं वात शोणितम !

So we have a description of the AVN like condition. These were the references which compelled us to start the treatment of the patients suffering with AVN. We have got some 60% positive results in such cases.

Ayurvedic treatment AVN femoral head

After a lot of hard work and research on AVN from Ayurvedic perspective we reached to the conclusion that these are the Grade I and Grade II patients which are easy to cure with Ayurvedic treatments and we have found more than 60% recovery in the patients. But in Grade III we have some diminished results. There are patients who have got some better results in such cases but results were not that satisfactory, even for team of Sukhayu Ayurved.

No doubt in more than 80% patients who we enrolled in the treatments, were able to get rid of the Hip Replace Treatments for sure. They are living with their own “hips” after ayurvedic treatment AVN femoral head.

But certainly if you or your family member is a patient of the AVN femur head and falls under Grade I and Grade II then certainly Sukhayu can do a lot for you in these cases and you can lead to a pain free life for sure.

During the Panchakarma patient needs to admit with us in our Ayurved Hospital at Jaipur.