{:en}Ayurveda treatment for AsthmaBefore understanding treatment of any of the diseases, it is important to understand the disease. Ayurveda recommends knowledge. For Ayurveda treatment for Asthma, let’s understand the disease first.

The levels of pollution are increased all around the world. We are breathing “bad” inside. Above this we ourselves inhaling a lot of bad things- do we need to discuss that! This is increasing the problems with the “lung-health”. Asthma was not that common like these days it is. It comes in attacks and leaves the body- drained and drenched, with no power of doing something, weak and febrile.

It is clear from conventional system of medicines that there is nothing like proper treatment with them. They just have some bronchodilators, which can open the “squeezed” bronchial tree for a while and after that the same tree constrict with more power and leaves the effect of medicines reduced.

If we talk about lungs, these are spongy structures with a lot of “ducts” inside. These ducts are interconnected with many of the small ducts and then to smaller ones. We inhale air and this air should reach to the last corner of the lungs so that oxygen can be absorbed and carbon-dioxide can be exhaled. This is a process of life. This is the oxygen which gives energy to us, a main fuel for the life. If body doesn’t get this fuel for few minutes the “survival” will be questioned and it becomes an emergency. It is same to strangulation, if somebody is strangulated!

In asthma, the ducts start constricting and overproduction of the mucus (which is otherwise a healthy thing to moist the air and to avoid the dryness), it starts blocking the passage of air and there is no supply of the oxygen to the body and it is an emergency. We keep it in mind while planning for Ayurveda treatment for Asthma.

Ayurveda About Asthma

Patient starts showing signs of “Air -Hunger” ( Breathing with all efforts, were patient tries to inhale maximum volume of the air) and body starts giving up in this all effort, there will be episodes/attacks of cough and once the phlegm is out then only body starts feeling better.

विदाहिगुरुविष्टम्भिरुक्षभिश्यंदीभोजनै: ! शीतापानाशंस्ननराजोधूमातापनिलै: !!
व्यायामकर्मभाराध्यवेगाघातापतर्णपै: !! हिक्का श्वासश्च कासश्च नराम समुपजायते !!

These are some of the causative factors of the Asthma as per Ayurved. These are translated- taking wrong food stuff, eating so much cold food, carrying heavy weights etc. These all cause Asthma.

Ayurveda treatment for Asthma

When it comes to the treatment it is very well documented by Ayurveda that we should do the treatment in a different pattern, and here it is-

 स्नेह बस्तिमृते  केचिदूर्ध्व चाधश्च शोधनम ! मृदु प्रणयातं श्रेष्ठम श्वासदिनमादिशन्ति हि !!

So the first thing to do with Asthma is to get rid of the Doshas from both above and below routes (Vamana and Virechana) this is the first line of treatment. Medicines are secondary. So the first and foremost treatment of a patient is to clear all his srotas-channels and to ensure that there are no occlusions in the respiratory tract at all.  Once the passage is clear, the next step is to make sure that the production of the toxins will be reduced so that there won’t be any further problems with the body.

At Sukhayu Ayurved while providing Ayurveda treatment for Asthma. We follow this line of treatment from Ayurved as it is. We have some marvelous results in treating the Asthma patients.

Panchakarma is choice of treatment but in kids of younger age, or elderly patients we go with medicines alone and we believe to follow the text of Ayurveda in that too. All the medicines we use are according to the parameters and orders of Ayurvedic text only.

If Panchakarma will be required for the treatment, you might need to stay with us for 15-20 days otherwise a patient can leave on the same day after taking the medicines. Please make a prior appointment before you schedule to come to us.

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